Richard Davis Sentenced to Death by a Caddo Parish Jury

Rick Davis sat in a Caddo Parish Courtroom Wednesday night next to his two defense attorneys, with his left leg constantly shaking, and several periodic glances at the jury door, he waited to hear wether he would get the death penalty or life in prison for raping a five year old girl. Moments later, the jury filed in and quickly handed down a death sentence. Davis sat quietly while each jury member confirmed their decision. A decision that took five hours to make. Prosecutors say Davis raped and molested a five year old girl, and he also promoted prostitution among young teenagers. Psychologists testified that Davis is mentally ill, and suffers from a borderline personality disorder. The defense team asked the jury for a life in prison sentence, saying "you can stop him, without killing him".

Davis' mother took the stand in a very emotional state, saying that Rick was a normal boy, but that he was physically abused by his stepfather.

After the sentence was read aloud in court a Caddo Sheriff's Deputy motioned for Davis to get up, then he was lead away by several deputies.

Story by Fred Childers