Jury to Decide Sentence of Man Convicted of Raping Little Girl

There were some tense moments at the Caddo Courthouse on Tuesday, that's where a jury was expected to decided if 35 year old Rick Davis would get the death penalty or life in prison. On Monday Davis was convicted of raping a five year old girl. For that, prosecutors say he should get the death penalty, and for the first time in Caddo Parish history, and only the second time in the state's history, the District Attorney's Office will push for the death penalty.

Wednesday marked the eleventh day of trial, and the first day of the sentencing phase. Jury members heard testimony from Davis' mother and the mother of the little girl who was raped. The little girl's mother said her daughter now has nightmares and frequently wets the bed. She also told the jury that her daughter now constantly seeks the attention of her sixteen year old son's friends.

In order for a death penalty to be handed down all 12 jury members must vote for death, if the jury is hung, the sentence will automatically be life in prison. On Wednesday closing arguments will begin, a decision is expected by the jury later in the day.