African American Demonstrates his Support for Confederate Flag in Downtown Shreveport

Does the phrase, there's something you don't see every day come to mind? A man dressed in a confederate uniform, carrying a confederate flag made his way down Texas Street Thursday morning and perched himself at the end of it. "I don't know if he's doing it as a joke or he's trying to bring some attention to himself," said Lynn Cawthorne as he watched the man. By this time, onlookers were asking themselves a valid question, the answer is yes. The man is African American. H.K. Edgertol is walking across the South from North Carolina, his destination is Austin, Texas. "Five years ago today, I'm marching twenty miles a day, six days a week," says Edgertol. And he's visited 77 cities on his journey, he says one of his latest was Jena, Louisiana. His presence here draws lots of stares, curiosity, and downright disgust. "Especially for an American with African American descent to support something as racist as that, I find it mind boggling," said Cawthorne "Those who say it represents hate are those who know nothing about this flag," says Edgertol, he went on to say many black men died under the flag, and that's part of the reason he supports it. "I'm the chairman on the board of advisors emeritus of the Southern Legal Resource Center, which is a non profit civil rights law firm, which fights violations against this flag," says Edgertol. "If you look back historically the confederate seceded from the union, so they wanted to maintain slavery they wanted to perpetuate that," said Cawthorne. While some seem repelled by his audacity, others seem drawn to it. "I think it's pretty cool that he's honoring this," says Annika Webb. After he stood defiant, with an occasional salute on Texas Street, he was on his way to the next city for more head turning.