Man's Cremated Remains Laid to Rest Ten Years Later

A funeral that almost never was. Louis Moossy died in 1998, he was cremated by his daughter Deborah shortly after - who is now incarcerated. Nineteen nephews and nieces assumed he had been laid to rest. "Obviously had we known anything like this was going on, that this had happened, we would have done something long ago," says Moossy's nephew, Peter Malouf. The World War II veteran was supposed to be placed next to his wife at Saint Joseph's Cemetery in Shreveport, that finally happened ten years later thanks to Matt Laysone, the new owner of a home on Leland Street. He discovered the remains in the back of a car in a garage. Caddo Parish Detective Michael Escude made it his mission to find a relative, and went to the media. "So someone out there will recognize his name," said Escude last week. The initial report generated several leads for Escude, an old neighbor of Moossy called Detective Escude and from there he was able to find a brother in West Virginia. "I was really pleased with the overwhelming outpouring of information that came in from friends of the family, the family attorney contacted me," said Escude. And that led to a funeral. "He's finally come home to where he needs to be," says Malouf. A proper funeral was held and attended by not only his family, but by the detective who found his family, and the man who found


. "It's closure for them, that's good, that's all anybody wants," says Laysone. "Because it would have been easy for him to assume it was just a box, and let it go with the car," says Malouf. He rests in peace with his wife, and his parents thanks to a man who took time to care, and a man who made it his mission. "I didn't want to fail at it," says Escude.