Local Pastors Meet to Address Violent Crime

A group of pastors huddle up behind the podium at Cathedral of Free Spirit Baptist Church to map out a strategy of attack on the rising murder rate of Shreveport's streets. "Next time it could be me, next time it could be you," declares Shreveport City Councilman, Joe Shine. "And until we get on our knees, and tell god that we need his divine intervention there will be no stopping of the crime," says Pastor David Morris. Many of the pastors that met today are part of the Police Pastors Program, that's been around since August of 2000, and it allows pastors to hit the streets with police officers, but this latest effort promises to go further, and reach out to other pastors in the city. "This is not just about the police pastors, we are pastors and we're concerned about our city, our children, our senior citizens," says another pastor. During the news conference, the question was raised "how is this initiative different from all the others?" pointing to more rhetoric and lip service. "Well, you're going to always have grumbling, but like I said, it's getting to the point where we're going to have to put some action into it, we've got to have some programs put into place," said Shine, he went onto say everyone: Pastors, police, city leaders, and the schools need to pull together and teach kids, violence is no answer to conflict.