Scavenger Hunt Leads Dozens to A.C. Steere Park

A local radio contest promises contestants a ten thousand dollar shopping spree. "I'm here to get the money," says Nicole Allen. The clues led her and a group of highly anxious contestants to A.C. Steere Park Friday afternoon. The disclaimer on Gap Broadcasting's website reads the treasure is not hidden where you have to get permission to gain access and is not hidden where you would have to break the law to gain access. "They're running us away, they're telling us we have to leave," Lacey Holdsworth says into a cell phone with a confused tone. Both scenarios appeared to be a point of contention at A.C. Steere Park where police were called to watch over the growing crowd of participants. "And we got sent over on this public side because they wouldn't let us go near A.C. Steere," says Holly Brousard. Between the hours of 7:40 to 3:20, the park is school property, after that, it's fair game. "I got my policeman right here he's got the checkered flag he's going to tell us when to go," says Allen impatiently. Conflict resolved at 3:20 on the dot, a sight to see for the regulars."I just hope they don't get in our way," says park goer, David Zenter. Unless you're sitting on a cool ten grand, it doesn't appear that would be a problem. The contest has participants running all over town dizzy with anticipation that the next trash can they look under (on public property) will make them ten thousand dollars richer.