Reported Accidental Shooting Sends Woman to the Hospital

Police arrested 19 year old Seanee Bernard for the reported accidental shooting of 19 year old Veronica Polland Friday afternoon. Polland was rushed to the hospital for a gunshot wound to her chest, she's expected to survive. Bernard is charged with illegal use of a weapon and a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. Police say Bernard and Polland indicate the shooting was an accident, but police are still investigating that claim. They had originally told police a stray bullet had come in from outside the home. But police say an investigation rules that scenario out. Detectives say the shooting happened inside this home, and there were several people there at the time. Police say so far, no weapon has been recovered. "Just trying to determine what actually happened, we have conflicting reports right now, we're just trying to sort though all the inforamtion that available," said Police Chief Henry Whitehorn.