Man Dead for Ten Years, Remains Found in Trunk of Car

Abandoned property on Leland Street was recently purchased, little did the new owner know the previous owner was still there, inside an abandoned vehicle in a garage. "Inside that abandoned vehicle he found the cremated remains of a gentleman by the name of Louis Moossy," said Caddo Caddo Sheriff's Detective, Michael Escude, who now has custody of Moossy's remains. Escude says it's pretty strange. His investigation has uncovered Moossy died in 1998, and Moossy's daughter, Deborah had him cremated, but that's where the promising leads end. "She is unfortunately incarcerated down at the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Woman in Baton Rouge," said Escude. So Escude who is typically solving a crimes, is now burdened with securing Mr. Moossy's eternal grave. "I'm looking for the help of the press, so someone out there will recognize Mr. Moossy's name.  Moossy was president of the Elks Lodge back in 1968, otherwise known as exulted ruler. "He was E.R. when I started working here about 50 years ago," said old friend John Dickson, he met Moossy when he was seventeen years old, he says he's the only one at the lodge who knows him. "When we were downtown we had a library he would come up get a cocktail and sit in the library and read," said Dickson. John had some good things to say about his old friend, unfortunately he knows of no other relatives, leaving Escude as the sole custodian, and Moossy's only hope of finding a proper grave. If you have any information call the Caddo Sheriff's Office at 318-681-0700.