Louisiana Boardwalk Trumps Casinos in Destination Choice

From the quaint kiosks, to the major chain stores, the Louisiana Boardwalk appears to be winning the race for tourists. On Tuesday, the Shreveport Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau told city leaders of a recent study that poses the questions to out of towners, why do you come here? "One of the number one answers has been the Louisiana Boardwalk," says Tourist Bureau President Stacy Brown. The Boardwalk is seen as an additional reason for visitors to come here, and stay a while - a diversified market. "The Boardwalk is even important to the casinos, because it gives people a reason to stay longer, and go back and game some more," says Brown. "The money that has come through there has come from outside our city limits, even the city limits of Shreveport," says City Councilman David Jones. To date the Boardwalk has generated 27.4 million dollars in total sales tax revenue, that's meeting expectations of city leaders, and Tuesday's news by the Tourism Bureau is seen as an indication of things to come. "It might be more of an 8 year pay back, but the quality of life it provides the fact that it's outside dollars....makes it worth it, it's just a great investment," says Jones. The more reasons for a visitor to stay the more dollars they'll spend. "Go to more restaurants, buy more gas at the gas station, do some shopping," adds Brown. All of which can be done in both Bossier City, and Shreveport.