Angry Car Owners Say Water from Gas Station Damaged their Vehicles

Saturday night at an Otto's gas station on Linwood, several cars were stopped in their tracks. The pumps were quickly shut down. "This is the gas me and the owner came out here and pumped right here, we observed half was gas and half water, said a witness holding a jar full of gas and water. Store management says heavy rains, and a faulty alarm are to blame. "We have a meter inside our kitchen an it's supposed to beep when an inch of water gets in there, but it failed on us that day and didn't beep at all," says store clerk, Stephanie Chun. The store's owners say they're not responsible for the gas, they say that problem belongs to Smith Oil. Janet clark says whoever is to blame should pay for repairs to her car. "I know mine is messed up," says Janet as she looks at her car in the driveway. She says she also got gas from those pumps that night, but her car didn't stahl right away. "I got fifteen dollars worth of gas, came down 85th Street, by the time I hit the track, my car just blooped," says Janet. The owner of the store spoke to Channel 12 on the phone and said one of the employees got the watered down gas as well, and that the owner of the gas, Smith Oil agreed to fix her car and the cars that were left at the station, but for those drivers who took off, they're going to have to prove they bought the gas there. "They just needed to come back to us right away, and we'd give them a card with Smith Oil's number on it, they could just call Smith Oil, but it'd have to be the same day," says Chun. "That's the neighborhood station up there, why would they want to do us that way?" asks Janet, she doesn't have a receipt, in fact the only thing that comes close to proof, is her immobile car, a car she believes has a tank full of water that came straight from these pumps.

The owner of Smith Oil also spoke to Channel 12 on the phone, he says he doesn't want any dishonest people taking advantage of the bad situation by claiming they have damage to their cars when they never even purchased gas from that station. That's why he says he's requiring everyone to have proof they purchased gas from the station on that night.