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Does it Work? Forearm Forklift

Do you plan to move some furniture around to make room for holiday visitors? If that's you, or if you're moving for more permanent reasons, we have something you need to see. This week's "Does It Work?" product is called the Forearm Forklift. Basically, it uses physics to give your forearms the power of a forklift. But first it has to pass the "Does It Work?" test.

"You and a friend can carry up to 600 pounds using your forearms with the Forearm Forklift," it says on the package.  "Leverage lifting straps which virtually make the items you carry seem lighter."

We recruited two young men and found some large items to move.

First up, a big screen TV unit.  We start by x-crossing the nine foot straps on the floor then we center the TV over the straps.  The straps have three holes for your arms.  Choose the one that corresponds best with the size of the object you're moving.  Bend your arms at a 45 degree angle, straighten your legs and the Forearm Forklift delivered on it's promise.  We moved the TV with ease all around and outside of the building.  We even went up and down stairs with ease.

The Forearm Forklift is supposed to support up to 600 pounds.  We moved a partially loaded file cabinet.  It's a pretty tall unit...close to 6 feet tall.  Again, our guys moved it with ease.  No need for a grip.  Just stick your arms through a set of holes and place your palms on the object you're moving.  It's amazing.

We had the same luck with a large office desk.  We're really happy with this product and the way it encourages proper lifting using your legs vs. your back.

"Does It Work?"  We give the Forearm Forklift an enthusiastic "yes".

The Forearm Forklift will cost you between 20 and 25 dollars.  It's available online and occasionally can be found at discount department stores.

Joe Terrell, Reporting

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