Rash of Domestic Abuse Incidents

"I'm sorry, I ain't mad at you fire fighters, the Shreveport Police Department is the one got me disturbed," an unidentified man says to a paramedic treating him for dog bites. Police say before their dog bit him, he was waving a gun in his girlfriends face. And just a few days ago a teenager allegedly shot his mother's boyfriend. "The mom called the son and told him something about her boyfriend that he didn't like," explained police officer Brian Lauzon. Roy Menefee, with the Caddo Bossier Task Force on Domestic Violence acknowledges there have been several recent incidents that were domestic related. Menefee says they are preventable. One way is detection - the task force routinely looks over domestic disturbance reports. "If we notice a pattern of behavior, if we notice that a particular couple, their names are coming through here on a regular basis, then we will address that more readily," says Menefee. And task force officers work hand in hand with social organizations like the YWCA. It provides a place for victims, listens to them and lets the task force know when a protective order is needed. Director of Family Violence for the YWCA, Kim Forcinel says it's great when agencies work together like that.

Police and social agencies have several ways to prevent abuse, and the one thing you can do, is recognize it when you see it. "It can be jealousy, and domestic violence doesn't always have to be physical, it can be verbal, emotional, sexual," says Forcinel. And it's important that every incident is reported. "Making sure the courts aware of the problem and addressing it in a timely manner, so hopefully we don't wind up with a domestic related homicide," says Manefee. If you know of a case that should be reported call the YWCA at 318-222-2117.