Police Search for Alleged Killer of Beloved Restaurant Owner

"There was a violent struggle, and Mr. Hernandez did resist his attacker," Marshall Police Chief, James Wilkins told a group of reporters Wednesday afternoon. Police have identified that attacker as Orlando Flores, they say he brutally murdered mexican restaurant owner, Homero Hernandez. Shortly after that announcement friends and family visit and touch up a makeshift memorial just outside his closed restaurant in downtown Marshall Texas. "I know they're feeling the pain of losing him because he was so special," says freind Belinda Ponce. The thought that Flores, a man police describe as armed and dangerous, is still at large is unsettling to those who live in Marshall. "I pray they do get him, and of course you're scared, everyone in our neighborhood is terrified. And they're locking their doors, and watching their children close," says Ponce. 
Police say Flores came to Marshall from Houston last Friday, with a bus ticket purchased by Hernandez, but police stop short of defining their relationship. "I can't say what his purpose was in coming here, but I do believe he came at the request of Mr. Hernandez, but for what purpose I do not know," says Chief Wilkins. The arrest warrant says an employee of Hernandez indicates he was intimate with a man only known to him as Carlos, and that's an alias name for Orlando Flores. "Flores is an illegal alien, and has previous arrests in Beaumont Texas, and Virginia," says Chief Wilkins. Eye witness accounts have police looking west, some say they saw Flores driving Hernandez's black Nissan Pathfinder and Flores got 5 dollars worth of gas at a nearby gas station, then asked a gas station clerk for directions to Dallas. If you have any information on Flores call Marshall Police at 903-935-4540.
Story by Fred Childers