One Man Killed in Collision with Fire Truck

The damage a pick up truck did to a 35,000 pound fire truck is hardly noticeable, unlike the damage to the pick up. The impact had no effect on firefighters but killed a passenger of the pick up truck. "He was the first person transported to LSU, he stopped breathing and we lost a pulse on him about halfway to the hospital," says Assistant Fire Chief Brian Crawford. Pictures were taken by nearby resident, Fred Christian moments after it happened. "I thought well, these might be useful to somebody," says Christian, who is used to hearing screeching tires here because he says a lot of people speed in the area, but one thing he says he didn't hear is a siren. "I don't recall hearing the sirens, the lights when I came down here, the lights were on on the truck," says Christian. Christian's photos show the lights were on when he arrived on the scene. The driver of the pick up truck, 22 year old Ronald Osborn from Mooringsport tells police he didn't see flashing lights, but the fire department has a different version. "According to reports from the crew and from police on the scene, it did have it's lights and siren on," says Crawford. Osborn reportedly told police he was going with the flow of traffic. "It's been reported to have topped the hill at a pretty high rate of speed, and was unable to avoid the collusion," says Crawford. The serious nature of the crash attracts the attention of several city departments. "Risk management, the city attorney's office is involved the fire department is investigating it, the Shreveport Police Department is also investigating it," says Crawford.The photos taken by Christian could be used to help clear up some of the confusion left behind by the devestating collision.

The driver and a sixteen year old passenger in the pick up truck were not seriously hurt.

The crash investigator says he doubts anyone will be cited in the crash.