Police Car Wrecked During Burglary Chase

A Shreveport police car is wrecked and police are looking for several burglary suspects. A burglary took place Friday in the Caddo heights neighborhood, then a chase ensued. One suspect was injured from a K-9 bite during the initial burglary of a home in the 5100 block of Parker Street. Orangie Fisher is in custody, but police are still looking for the three men in a fleeing car and the car's owner. Police chased the car for a short time, then the vehicle reportedly spun out and hit a police car - causing some minor damage. Police had a tough time tracing the vehicle to it's original owner, but once they did they found out it wasn't stolen but had been leant to someone, who police say rents out the vehicle for drugs. Police want to talk to that person because they want to know who was driving the car when the burglary took place. "We had a burglary at 1551 Parker, the victim identified a foreign gold colored vehicle with Arkansas plates, one of the witnesses went back and found the vehicle, one of our officers got into a chase with the vehicle and it crashed out here in the ditch," said Shreveport Detective Shannon Mack.  A K-9 team searched the area for a couple of hour for three men who fled the vehicle, but they came up short. If you have any information on this incident call Crimestoppers at 673-7373.