A Man Breaks up a Fight, then Becomes Shooting Victim

Tears of frustration were shed on Marseille Street Thursday, while police gather evidence of a violent confrontation between two families. It all started when a girl got into a fight with another girl on Marseille Street, and the girl's uncle broke it up. "The uncle of the thirteen year old wasn't happy that he broke up the fight, came back produced a handgun, and shot the victim," says Chris Hicks an officer with the Shreveport Police Department. Tear stained eyes of an eight year old saw her 21 year old uncle, Louis Stringer gunned down in his own front yard, he was shot in the leg. "That was kids, their mother could have talked to her mother or brother, who was here watching them, why would you go home and get a gun and shoot at kids?" asks friend of the family, Kimberly Hall. Just moments removed from the violence, the fear is still visible on kids faces, and family members are outraged. "Because you don't want your children to think every time a situation arises a gun is the solution, cause it's not," says Annie. "When kids get into it, come talk to the adult, be the bigger person," says Hall. Police are looking for three vehicles, the one carrying the alleged gunman, is reportedly a black suburban. No arrests were made at the scene, but police know the location of the home of the other girl involved in the fight, investigators hope that lead will result in an arrest.