O.J. Simpson Due In Court Today

O.J. Simpson is due back in court today.

He's accused, among other things, of armed robbery and

kidnapping for a September incident in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Simpson's defense team and the public will get a preview of the

prosecution's case today at a preliminary hearing in Las Vegas. The

judge will be asked to decide whether there's enough evidence to

take the case to trial.

Simpson could be looking at hard time if the charges stick.

Conviction on the robbery charge carries a mandatory sentence of at

least two years in prison, while the kidnapping charge could bring


Simpson and five others allegedly burst into a room with at

least one gun drawn and stole items from two sports memorabilia

dealers. Simpson says the memorabilia had been stolen from him.

Three of Simpson's co-defendants have reached plea deals and are

expected to testify against him.