Neighbors Say Alleged Abuse Could Have Been Prevented

One time resident of Lamar Street says "It's a lot of abuse going on over there, and I've been calling and reporting it but nobody has done anything about it." Until monday night, that's when another resident of Lamar street called police after a teenager ran to her home with a bruised and bloody body - he said his dad had been beating him. An incident that apparently warranted attempted second degree murder charges. Police arrested 33 year old Melesa Samuel and 43 year old Reginald Samuel. Cooks points to a history of abuse in the home. Melesa's sister says the father, Reginald hit  Melesa. In 2006 Reginald was arrested for simple battery of a female, the police report says Reginald broke into a woman's home and began slapping her. A history that many on the street feel should have been a red flag for authorities. "And when I called CPS and told them what was going on, they said ma'am there's really nothing we can do," says Cooks. A source at CPS says the service doesn't confirm or deny that there was an investigation into the home, but there is no "valid" investigation on file and that doesn't necessarily mean the home wasn't looked into. That same source also says in general, many times they're investigating a case and neighbors don't know they're investigating. "We work hand in hand with CPS and police and because the records are confidential, the person that makes the report will not necessarily be updated on the status of the investigation," says Jessica Miller, Executive Director of the Gingerbread House.

The teenager is scheduled to go before a juvenile judge sometime this week, to determine if he should be released to family members or to foster care.