Crime Crackdown in Shreveport Nets 21 Arrests

Shreveport police are calling their latest crime-fighting effort a huge success.  Dubbed "Operation Closed Market," the crackdown involves putting extra officers on the streets.  Its name comes from the police department's desire to close the market on drugs and crime.
  Police Chief Henry Whitehorn and Mayor Cedric Glover announced the inception of the crackdown during a news conference last week.
  Thursday night, police officers put the words into action.  Regular patrol officers were joined on the streets by 40 officers who usually are assigned to other duties.  Working together, they made 21 arrests, including more than a dozen people suspected of committing felonies.  
   "We had several individuals that we were able to get off the streets for possession of narcotics," said department spokesman Randy Patrick.  "If they're off the streets, that's 3.4.5 people not selling drugs."
    Nine of those arrested are people who are listed as fugitives.  There were also three people arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.
  Patrick said the police department plans to continue with the effort.
  "We're not gonna tell you where we're going.  We're not gonna tell you when we're gonna be there, and we're not gonna tell you how long," Patrick said.  "I can tell you it was a success.

The list of those who were arrested includes:

(Felony) Caderick Harris - Black Male DOB 6-10-1985 Possession of Marijuana 2nd offense.

(Felony) Sherman Black - Black Male DOB 8-1-1958 on charges of resisting an officer and fugitive

(Felony) Keith Bush - Black Male DOB 10-25-1963 fugitive

(Misdemeanor)  Ronald Nash - Black Male DOB 10-5-1960 for driving under suspension

(Felony) Farrah Myles - Black Female DOB 7-18-1977 fugitive

(Misdemeanor) Anthony Chatman - Black Male DOB 5-31-1974 No Insurance and Loud Music

(Misdemeanor) Michael Plater - Black Male DOB 3-2-1961 Possession of Drug paraphanellia

(Felony) Calvin Youngblood - Black Male DOB 3-7-1955 Fugitive

(Felony) Walter Ashton - Black Male DOB 11-13-1983 Possession of Marijuana first offense

(Misdemeanor) Clyde Bradford - Black Male DOB 11-10-1970 No Seatbelt, Driving under Suspension, Expired Inspection Sticker

(Felony) Carl Raspberry - Black Male DOB 8-30-1954 Fugitive

(Felony) Thomas raspberry - Black Male DOB 9-24-1959 Fugitive

(Felony) Roger Nickelberry - Black Male DOB 6-29-1952 Fugitive

(Misdemeanor) Meghan Kennington - White Female DOB 12-4-1988 3 outstanding warrants for traffic violations

(Felony) Earnest Anderson - Black Male DOB Possession of Schedule II narcotics

(Felony) Leon Houston - Black Male DOB Fugitive

(Felony) John David - Black Male DOB 11-8-1980 Possession of Marijuana 1st offense

(Felony) Demery, Lashunda Black Female DOB 11-21-1972 Fugitive and Possession of Schedule II Narcotics

Three individuals were also arrested as part of the operation for DWI:

Ricci Grantham - White Female DOB 2-20-1976

Amber Bertrand - White Female DOB 7-24-1982

Cedar Johnson - Black Male DOB 12-16-1962

All were charged with first offense DWI
Story by Katrina Webber