UPDATE: Twenty-Two Arrests During Operation Closed Market

Twenty-two people were arrested last night during Operation Closed Market. Among the arrests, a dozen felonies, nine fugitives, and three people were arrested for driving drunk.  Shreveport police say they are looking forward to doing it again.  People who live in the community say they are already seeing a difference in their streets and neighborhoods.
Story by Tania Francois

About 40 Shreveport police detectives and administrators moved from behind desks to the streets as Operation: Closed Market took effect. At five o'clock the officers had roll call, from there they split into teams with the single goal of fighting crime.
In the first thirty minutes they had already made two arrests.
Last Thursday Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover and Police Chief Henry Whitehorn announced Operation: Closed Market as part of a plan to fight crime. It's the second part of operation T-BONE.  They also announced a gun buy back plan where people who call in and report people who have guns illegal can get paid if the gun is confiscated.  People can call Crimestoppers at 673-7373. It is annonynous.
Story by Tania Francois