Driver "Drops In" on Pawn Shop After Hours

A driver's unexpected stop at a Shreveport pawn shop has likely led to some rattled nerves and jangled jewelry.

According to Shreveport Police Department spokesman Randy Patrick, the woman was heading east in the 2700 block of Mackey Lane around 10:20 p. m. Wednesday when swerved to avoid something in the road and lost control of her car.

"She hit the curb, went airborne, took out a light pole," Patrick said.  The car then turned onto its side and slid about 40-to-45 feet into the side of a building that houses Discount Jewelry.

The crash left a jigsaw shaped crack in the outer brick wall.  Patrick said it's unclear what, if anything, was damaged on the inside of the building.

No one, including the driver, was hurt in the crash.  Patrick also said it's unlikely that the driver will be cited.