Robbery Call Turns Into Meth Bust

The bust took place Wednesday afternoon, and the investigation began with an alleged robbery. Deputies responded to the home in the 36oo block of Bledsoe Road... near the Keithville area. This meth bust had a strange beginning. When deputies responded to that home in Keithville for an alleged robbery they noticed the victim driving up to the home with the robbery suspect in the passenger seat. The female victim - fifty- five year old Kathy Pilcher was arrested and charged with possession of items used to manufacture methamphetamine. The suspected robber, thirty-seven year old Phillip Verderaine was also arrested and charged with armed robbery, and related meth charges. The original deputies on the scene saw a burn pile in the front yard of the home, and noticed that it contained what they believed to be needles and meth making materials. Deputies called the Caddo-Shreveport Narcotics Unit to the home to investigate. We spoke to an undercover agent, who requested anonymity."Mrs. Pilcher fled, went back in the house, barricaded herself in," said the agent. Agents managed to get Pilcher out of the home and arrested her without any problems.

Story by Fred Childers