Family Speaks Out After Untimely Death Of Teenager

"He was short.  My 11 year old was taller than Tony.  Just a kid at heart," says Linda LeRoy, the mother of Tony Ray Robinson Jr.
Robinson Jr. May have been small in stature, but he had a big heart and confident personality.
"He talks.  He just keeps talking," says Linda LeRoy.
Tony lived in this home in Caddo Parish the past four years.
He had seven siblings, loved sports, and wanted to befriend everyone who came his way.
"He didn't have no boundaries.  He loved everybody as you can see with the people around us," says Tony's stepfather, Demetrius LeRoy.
Jean Ann Whitehead's son Zach started playing baseball with Tony four years ago.
Ever since then, Tony has been a regular guest for dinner.
"Out of all the meals he had with us he never, never failed to say thank you and compliment and say that was good," says Whitehead.
This is where the school bus would drop off Tony Ray Robinson Junior after school.  His parents said the bus was late Monday afternoon and that's when he headed to a public library near his school.
Tony never made it to the library to study.
At the intersection of Greenwood and Pines, he crossed the road and a driver hit him in what Shreveport police call an unavoidable accident.
"This wasn't no hanging out on the corner situation. He was trying.  What more can I ask from him?" asks Demetrius LeRoy.
Sadly instead of sitting together on ball park bleachers, family and friends force themselves to lean on each other and remember Tony Ray Robinson Jr.
The driver who hit Tony yesterday afternoon teaches at Hillsdale Elementary.
We visited her home and spoke with her sister.
Their family is beside themsleves with hurt.
Story By Ben Wolf