Early Morning Water Main Break, Spills 8 Million Gallons Into Streets

" I came outside to see if they had cut the water off, and I saw all of this out there."
Tuesday morning, Bossier City crews were spraying and hosing down parts of Airline Drive, after a water main break overnight. Around 1:30 this Tuesday morning, a Bossier City officer noticed water flowing off Airline Drive, and that small flow, turned into more than 8 million gallons of water being loss, and leaving a muddy situation. It also turned parts of the busy street into a small lake, forcing most businesses in the area to shut their doors. All except for some. " At this point we cant go to the bank to do much business but we are here, and we plan on staying as long as business allows."
And the reason their doors were closed, the leak caused detours in the area, forcing drivers like Debbie Weems to get to her grandsons daycare on foot." I've had to go around one way, then come all the way back around the other way just to park and walk down here."
Maureen Bennett lives just yards from Airline drive, and says the lack of water is an inconvenience, but she's not worried yet. " My son stays close, so I can go to his house to get some water. That's what we would have to do if it got to that point."
The break, also forced some preventive measures at nearby Waller Elementary, cases of drinking water were hauled in for students and staff. Sanitizing wipes, were also given to students as well, officials say they will be helping the children as much as possible. " Most of the children don't have water in their homes anyways because the neighborhoods have been affected."