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California Residents Complain About Lack Of Warning

Some residents in Southern California say they
weren't warned about last week's wildfires.
Angry survivors complained last night in a town hall meeting in
San Diego. Officials say they gave sufficient warnings.
Meantime, Firefighters in Southern California are still trying
to gain control of about a half-dozen wildfires that are all at
least half contained.
And for families who have lost everything, the long process of
rebuilding has already begun.
FEMA has already received nearly 8,300 applications for aid and
visited 641 homes to assess damage in the seven counties declared
major federal disaster areas.
Some help can be offered quickly, but larger decisions could
take weeks.
As of yesterday, the agency had paid out $600,000.
The most active of the remaining fires is in Orange County,
covering more than 28,000 acres with 65 percent containment.
In all, 14 people died and more than 2,000 homes were lost.

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