Former President Has Misgivings About War In Iraq

A new book on former President Gerald Ford

says he agreed with the Iraq war, but not with reason given for the


Ford is said to have believed that it was wrong to base the

invasion on the belief that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

He reportedly thought it enough that Saddam Hussein was an evil


The book by journalist Thomas DeFrank of the New York Daily News

is based on interviews Ford gave on condition that details be

withheld until after his death. Ford died last December at age 93.

DeFrank reports that Ford said he would not have approved

President Bush's domestic surveillance program. Yet Ford added that

it "may be a necessary evil."

As for Ronald Reagan, Ford thought he was not "a technically

competent president," but had great flair.

He wasn't impressed with Vice President Cheney, saying he

believed his former chief of staff was "not as big an asset as he

should be."