Astronauts On Space Walk To Install Solar Power Array

Astronauts are back outside

the international space station this morning to install a must-have

solar power array to prevent delays in the addition of a

much-anticipated European research lab.

The job has been made more important due to malfunctioning

equipment on another solar array that helps turn the panels toward

to sun. The astronauts will try to find out what's grinding inside

a rotary joint and causing steel chips to clog the system.

Astronaut Scott Parazynski (pehr-uh-ZIN'-skee) will inspect a

good rotary joint that turns the space station's left set of solar

wings toward the sun and the two will be compared.

Installing the additional solar array and extending those solar

panels to their full 240 feet will help prevent any power

shortfalls that would delay the scheduled arrival of both European

and Japanese laboratories.

This morning's spacewalk started about an hour early.