Caddo Judges Arraigned in Federal Court

When asked for a response to the U.S. Attorney saying he sold justice out of his court room, Judge Michael Walker had no comment as he entered the Federal Court House in downtown Shreveport. His attoreny Daryl Gold said "I'll respond, there will be a trial, and when it's over Judge Walker will be vindicated."  Walker is charged with racketeering, along with Juvenile Court Judge Vernon Claville. "Those of us representing Judge Claville are doing so at our own expense and we'll tell you why, he's factually and legally innocent," says attorney Jack Bailey emphatically. Bail bondsman, Larry Williams faces the same charges. "My client has never called either of the judges involved in this case, never given any money," says attorney Larry English.

Just a few weeks ago the  U.S. Attorney's office announced the federal indictment of all three. Judge Michael Walker seemingly the most notable, because he has overseen the drug cases since the nineties. I asked attorney Alex Washington if he feels there's any animosity built up between law enforcement and Judge Walker. He responded No. But Steve Prators comments during the initial annoucement points to a history of suspicion. "This has been a long time coming," says Prator.

A line has been drawn in the sand. "The government made those charges, called you guys to a big room, tainted my clients name, it's now time to get it on," declares English. Today (Friday) attorney's lined up on the other side of that line with their prospective clients: All big players in the legal game with a lot at stake for both sides.