Officials Begin Using Metal Detectors To Keep People Safe At State Fair

"We've never had any problems inside the state fair gates."And it's a problem Louisiana State Fair President Chris Giordano, is making sure doesn't become a problem this year. " We've got Shreveport Police Department in charge of security here. We've got a lot of police working the state fair."Along with SPD, Caddo Parish Sheriff's Deputies, and the Louisiana State Police, are among the added security present at the fair.
A new presence this year, metal detectors at all entrances. But will all of these added security measures make fairgoers any safer? "Just in past years just some issues that have up with the violence things in the parking lot, I don't know if I would bring my kids after dark."
Outside the fair in 2004, a stray bullet from a fight in an adjacent parking lot killed Elliott Jefferson, an 18 year old Booker T. Washington High student. Shreveport Police say all the incidents involving the fair have occurred outside of the fair. For that reason, undercover officers patroling the parking lots outside the gates. And while he says the extra help doesn't come cheap Chris Giordano, says it's worth every penny. "We do have to ensure the safety of our guest, and keep the fair a safe place to bring your family."