Brooks & Dunn Help Build Playground in One Day

Country music stars Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn are making news, but not on the stage.  This time it's on the playground, or at least about one.  They've teamed up with several groups to provide a safe place for some Shreveport kids to play.

Shreveport native Kix Brooks jumped right in to build a playset at the Community Renewal Friendship House on Darien Street in Shreveport as did his musical partner Ronnie Dunn.  They joined 260-volunteers along with financial support from The Home Depot and non-profit group 'KaBoom,' to make the plaground a reality.

Besides the obvious good that this playground will do for the kids in the Queensborough neighborhood, this project has a very special meaning for Brooks and Dunn.  It's their way to help honor two murder victims in Shreveport.  Brooks furthered, "absolutely.  You know, John Beam at Herby K's and James Stroud is here with me today.  He's a dear friend of ours, his sister was killed.  John was also killed."

Stroud's family is grateful Vickie Stroud McGraw will be remembered.  Her sister Wanda Simpson added, "this will be a park where children and adults can come and enjoy.  And that's what she would want."

The students from Queensborough Elementary were sure happy to be there and see the new playground, as 4th Grader Ashley George explained.  "Before, there wasn't any place to play.  So, this is going to be great to see people come and play at the park."

Organizers call it a 60-thousand dollar gift sure to bring joy for years to come.