Deter - Detect - Defend Against Crime

To deter, detect and defend that's the message sent from the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office to some of our senior residents.

A crime prevention forum was held at the Kingston Road Baptist Church in Shreveport this morning.

The message how to protect yourself against white collar crime.

Some internet safety tips as well as general safety tips were also shared.

Trey Lewis is the Pastor of Kingston Road Baptist Church where the forum was held, he says he wanted to do this because of the recent crimes against the elderly, although crime can happen to anyone. "You don't have to be a senior adult to be victimized. But from a care givers stand point, you need to know where the lines are and as a person who receives help you need to know where to find legitimate means and sources of help."

Det. Bobby Herring taught a session on white collar crimes, He says, "If you're a caregiver, check on you're parents check on your senior citizens that you're aware of and make sure they're not being befriended by new people and make sure they're not making unusual cash transactions and things like that."

Anne Lightner was at the forum she says, "They're doing such a wonderful job of educating us and letting us know what's out there and what to look for an how to protect ourselves."

One of the main messages to the seniors: protect your social security number and try not to give it out to anyone especially strangers you meet on the street and people who call you on the phone.