Police Investigate Wildfires As Possible Arson

Thanks to calmer winds, some progress is being

made on the front lines of the battle against the southern

California wildfires.

Three major fires in Los Angeles County were fully contained as

of last night and several smaller fires north of San Diego are

largely contained.

But six large fires in San Diego County are still almost

unchecked and they threaten more than 8,500 houses.

Property damage just in San Diego County totals over a billion

dollars. At least 1,500 homes across southern California have been

reduced to smoldering ruins.

FBI teams are aiding local authorities trying to determine

whether any of the large fires were intentionally set. A man has

been booked for investigation of arson for allegedly starting a

small fire in the San Bernardino Mountains. Police don't know if

he's connected to any of the bigger ones.

President Bush has declared a major disaster and will get a look

at the fire devastation later today.