Teenager Shot, Robbed and Left for Dead, Father Speaks to KSLA News 12

Kenneth Hawkins picks up a torn and bloody shirt, to show how the paramedics had to cut it from his son's body. He also shows the Taco Bell bag his son, Peterson was holding as he got out of his truck Tuesday night, when two men approached the vehicle with guns demanding money. When the seventeen year old only produced a credit card and fifty cents, they reportedly shot him twice, once in the arm and once in the rib cage. Kenneth says they placed the gun to Peterson point blank and pulled the trigger twice, fortunately they were duds. The two suspects ran on foot north on Highland then got into a brown four door car and took off. They are still at large. Peterson is recovering at LSU Hospital where he's undergoing surgery. His dad is asking that the public help police "catch these thugs". Mayor cedric glover stopped by the Hawkins' home the following night to reassure Kenneth that the City Council, and the Shreveport Police Department will do everything possible to catch those responsible.