Community Meeting Set to Help Stop Crime

This year there have been 34 homicides the latest one just last night on Milam street when 30-year-old Dennie Thomas was gunned down.  His death follows Brandon Robertson who was killed Friday night at the Canaan Village apartments. Also killed Friday night, 9-year-old Treveon Hunter.  Three other people have also been shot since then including 17-year-old Peterson Hawkins. A senior at Caddo Magnet High School who shot when coming home from studying for a test was shot in his parents drive way last night on Linden street in the Highlands neighborhood of Shreveport.
Shreveport city councilwoman Joyce Bowman is sponsoring a meeting this Saturday at Bilberry Park at 10am which on the corner of Missouri and Lakeshore Drive. Chief of police Henry Whitehorn is supposed to be in attendance.
Story by Tania Francois