Small Town Of Marshall Sees Big Economic Boom

Down Highway 59, and along other parts of Marshall Texas, businesses and commercial properties are sprouting up everywhere, and that's good news to officials. " It sends the message this community is serious about being home a home for people to invest their capital to create jobs for their citizens, and it's great for the state of Texas." Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Tood Staples was on hand Wednesday morning, to welcome house-autry mills, the newest business set to make an impact on Marshall. The plant manufactures breaders, coatings and mixes for many of foods we eat.
House-Autry Mills President Roger Mortenson says the project will bring money, and jobs to the area. " Marshall is a great place. We looked a many places and marshall came out on top for many reasons. We're excited to be here." Local officials are thrilled with the economic boom that's in the Marshall area, but do residents have to say about it?
Marshall resident Joey Little thinks the idea is a one long overdue."I think it will be great, because a lot of restaurants and small businesses need larger businesses to come in so they can support the economy."
And with the recent growth, the Marshall Economic Development Corporation says companies are now waiting in line to make their way to the gateway of Texas.