Dashcam Video Shows Woman Hit by Sheriff's Patrol Car

A sheriff's deputy on patrol, a boyfriend and girlfriend leaving a bar - their lives intersect in a deadly way, in this instant, the life of Angelique Williams ended. "This is just an unspeakable tragedy," says Ed Baswell, spokesperson for the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office. Dashboard camera video shows Angelique's boyfriend running across highway 80, then Angelique, following after him. "There was a discussion of some kind, between the two of them, we don't know if there was an argument," says Baswell. The mother of eight was struck, and pronounced dead at LSU Hospital. "She had gone to a bar to see him, she apparently had only been in the bar a couple of minutes," says Baswell. Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office says the video indicates the officer had little time to react. "Because you do not see the two individuals until the very last moment," says Baswell. To avoid the appearance of favoritism troop G, the State Police will perform an outside investigation, blood was drawn from both Williams and six year veteran of the Sheriff's Office, Josh Cathcart, to determine if either had drugs or alcohol in their system.

Wwitnesses and the boyfriend were questioned, but his involvement is not suspect to Bossier Parish, but what lead up to this moment, her last moment, and why she was so focused on him, is not immediately clear.