Colder Temperatures Forces People To Keep Warm, And Stay Alive

It seems no matter where you go in the Ark-La-Tex, the shorts and sandals of the summer have given way to jackets, and pants of the fall. And with those colder temperatures already here, the Shreveport Fire Department says their jobs are about to get even tougher. " When the weather turns cold the fire department starts rolling more and more house fires and structure fires for a number of reasons."
Brian Crawford with the Shreveport Fire Department says this time of the year is where they see the most structure fires. and the reason?? Space heaters. " But it's because we don't use space heaters that often. We're not that familiar with them, we have such short spans of cold weather, that we evidently end up with more injuries and deaths."
The Shreveport Fire Department offers this advice. Space heaters of any type, should be kept at least three feet away from beds, drapes and furniture. Never leave space heaters on while you're sleeping, and test your smoke alarms to make sure they are working. All of steps, were mistakes that led to this house fire on the 27 hundred block of Myrtle Street Tuesday afternoon. Fireplaces are another cause for the number of fires during this time of year. Crawford says sparks from the fire, fly out of the chimney, and ignite a rug or something combustible in the area.  " It's almost always because the chimneys has never been cleaned and hasn't been cleaned in a number of years."