Cyber Command Leaders Encouraged by Jindal's Meeting with President

After coming off a successful campaign trail, Governor Elect Bobby Jindal got the obligatory call from the President. "He called to congratulate me, I took that as an opportunity to say Mr. President there are some issues I'd like to talk to you about," Jindal said in a news conference the following day. One of those issues is cyber command, a new project the Air Force plans to set up at Barksdale to strategically defend the cyber world from attack. "We're talking about thousands of good high tech jobs," says Jindal. Craig Spohn, Director of the Cyber Innovation Center says to have the Governor [elect] rate that as one of the key topics for discussion for our audience with the President, really is a wonderful thing," says Spohn. A lot has to be accomplished before the command comes to fruition. "I think what the state can do is commit to build the I- 220 Interchange to make sure the facility is accessible," says Jindal. "The Cyber Command doesn't have a workforce waiting for it in any part of the country," says Spohn. Both are problems Governor Elect Jindal has recognized, and he appears to be looking for solutions. "I actually toured last week Bossier Parish Community College, they're expanding programs to support the cyber initiative," says Jindal. 
Barksdale is still listed by the Air Force as the "provisional" destination for the new command, Jindal says that can be changed to permanent, and believes it will. "I think hands down on the merits Northwest Louisiana makes sense, it's no coincidence the President came to Barksdale on September 11th.  "It's very gratifying to know it's on his radar screen," Spohn said about Jindal.
Story by Fred Childers