Ticketmaster Goes After Companies That Resell Tickets

Ticketmaster reported a federal judge in Los Angeles ordered a Pennsylvania company to stop creating and using computer programs that allow for unfair acess to tickets.
Ticketmaster says RMG Technologies out of Pittsburgh has software which allows its clients to buy tickets faster than concert goers.
Ticketmaster says this is how companies like RMG resell tickets to the public at higher prices than "face value" listed on the ticket.
A Hannah Montana concert set for November sparked controversy in the Ark-La-Tex last month.
Fans complained tickets were sold out in less than 10 minutes, but various companies put tickets to the concert on sale over the internet for much higher prices.
Ticketmaster representatives say this is just the first step to take down companies who use programs to illegally access tickets.
KSLA News 12 wants to make it clear this ruling will in no way make any new Hannah Montana tickets for the CenturyTel concert available.
This ruling will affect future ticket sales only.
Story By Ben Wolf