Bobby Jindal and Walter Boasso's Camp Talk Corruption

"We can change, we must change, we will change," that's a campaign pledge from Republican candidate for governor, Bobby Jindal. And it's a point driven home last week when two Caddo Parish Judges Michael Walker, and Vernon Claville, were indicted on accusations they accepted bribes. "We've focused a lot of energy on corruption I've said in my first special session we've devoted exclusively to ethics, we were also ranked the most corrupt state in the country," says Jindal. During a recent debate, Jindal's democratic challenger, Walter Boasso reacted to what he perceived as an outright accusation by Jindal that


was corrupt. When asked if he still believes Boasso is part of that corruption process, Jindal responded "W e've said this is not about calling names, it's about which candidate is the best candidate to bring about change".  According to Boasso, Jindal's plan for change is flawed. Today (Monday) the Boasso campaign said Jindal only focuses on the legislature, and Boasso's plan is across the board. When asked if his plan covers elected judges Jindal responds "It does, it covers local, parish, and state officials". Recent polls show Jindal could win the election outright, with more than fifty percent of the vote, eliminating any chance of a run off. "We just want to be in first place, it's up to the voters, that's the great thing about democracy," says Jindal. Boasso's people are a little more brash with their predicitons, saying "It will come down to the wire, we're looking forward to meeting Jindal in a run off".