Students Have a Hand in Their Own Safety

A program designed to keep children safe is getting more than just a thumbs up from some Shreveport students.  They put their entire hands--both of them--into the effort.

Actually, the first graders at Forest Hill Elementary had their fingerprints taken by members of the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office.  It's part of a state-mandated program designed to improve the safety and security of children.

"It helps us," said Chip Killian, principal at Forest Hill.  "It gives us a little sense of security to have that extra information in case something does happen."

The prints are kept on file at the school as long as the children are students there.  Should there be an emergency, such as a child abduction, the information card will serve as an extra tool police would be able to use.

Other schools are scheduled to take part in the program later this week.  South Highlands, Summer Grove and Westwood schools are all set for fingerprinting Tuesday.