Bus and Car Collide, Passenger Injured

A Sportran bus bound for downtown Shreveport arrived at some of its stops a little later than usual Thursday morning.  The delay was due to an accident involving the bus and a car.
   Shreveport police told KSLA News 12 the driver of the car said she did not see the bus as it headed south on Market Street near N. Common.  The car attempted to make a left turn in front of the bus, police said, causing the collision. 
   Only the car showed any visible signs of damage, although the driver was not hurt.  A passenger on the bus was taken to a hospital by ambulance.  Police say the unidentified woman told them she was thrown from her seat and felt pain in her side as a result.
  The bus continued on its route shortly after the accident happened.
  Story by Katrina Webber