Corn Maze Adventures in Cajun Country

From the air you can see face of Porky Pig carved into rows and rows of corn. The nine acres and two miles of trails make the Cajun Country Corn Maze a real puzzlement.

"All aboard the Moo Cow Train Express!" hollers maze owner Don Courville. On the ground kids quickly learn that before the maze there's the moo--on the Kleinpeter Dairy Train. There are squeals of delight as the train rumbles across the property and into the maze.

"There's an alien in the maze!" shouts Don. "Look out! He's got a gun!" With that the man from outer space cuts loose with a water gun.

The theme "Porky's Corny Conundrum" has its own little twist outside the stalks. "The newest thing we have is our pig races," says Don. "and everybody just seems to love them--just watching those pigs race around the track and cheering on the pigs."

In the maze there are the usual curves and turns, twists and decision points. Don says a good navigator can get through in 30 minutes. However--"We had one couple that was close to three hours in here before they finally figured out. Some folks are just directionally challenged. We don't like to see them struggle that long. That's why we have all our corn cops out and try to help them along."

For real fun, Don recommends taking on the maze after dark. There's also a haunted maze on weekends and the last full week of October. For times and prices check out the corn maze link above.