Local Businessman Arrested Again, Says Incident Is Big Misunderstanding

" I just want the people of Shreveport to know I'm still the same Garland that's been doing business for 18, 19 years."
He claims to be the number one record store in Ark-La-Tex, but for the second time in six months, the owner of Garlands SuperSounds, Garland Sones, Sr. is facing a number of charges. On Tuesday, Jones was arrested for bank fraud, felony issuing worthless checks, and misdemeanor issuing worthless checks. Police say Jones is accused of opening a bank account and depositing forged checks into the account. He is also accused of writing worthless checks to pay for two shipments of compact discs.
Jones says the entire incident is just a big misunderstanding. "Actually what it was there was a controversy over some dealings as far as entertainment and of course something got blown out of proportion."
But this isn't Jones' first run in with police. April of this year, Jones was charged with three counts of bank fraud, and was also accused of forgery. Jones says he is cooperating with police and says one day his name will be cleared. "We've been cooperating with them, and we feel that we will be vindicated from all of this."
Jones also goes on to say, the charges against him are bigger than just Garland Jones himself. "I won't get into it, but people in the know, know why, and I'm not going to point any fingers. If you know like i know you just deal with the issues and roll with the punches, and you learn your lesson and move on. "