New Elderly Housing Going Up In Texarkana

Wednesday was the first day of an all-out effort to revitalize an area of Texarkana that residents say is in need of attention.
The groundbreaking of one new center is the first step to an improved area for many people.
People who live in the Rosehill area of Texarkana say its obvious the area could use a facelift.
Wednesday's groundbreaking ceremony brings with it a shimmer of hope that better days are ahead.
On this location, the Housing Authority will construct a 120 units of housing for the elderly.
Several senior citizens on hand for the groundbreaking say this type of housing was desperately needed and will likely be a draw of other business interest in the area.
Texas-side Mayor James Bramlet agrees this particular project is going to be very important to the future of the Rosehill Community.
The first two buildings are expected to be completed by February and March of next year. Though the housing authority is involved, this will not be considered government housing and potential residents will have to have some disposable income.