Caddo Businesses Warned About Expected Rise in Robberies

The Caddo Sheriff's Office wants to get to the businesses in the parish, before the criminals do. "Just want people to be aware," says Criminal Detective Terry Richardson, he wants businesses to know how to avoid becoming a robbery victim, so he's telling them how. "You never know whose going to walk in, and with all that's going on during the holidays, this is an excellent program," says Myrtie Mayfield, an Assistant Manager of a convenience store on Mansfield Road. "What this is, is a brochure, with some tips that maybe the store owner, that you and your employees could folow," Detective Richardson tells another manager. He's arming them with knowledge. "It's great I'm glad they're coming and concerned about us," says Wail Hammad who runs Crawdaddy's on Mansfield road. He's glad to find out, he can call the Sheriff's Office even if he's just suspicious of someone. "We did have an incident a couple years ago, that's why we have security cameras," says Hammad. Surveillance video is a big deterrent for criminals, and business owners shouldn't be afraid to display the system for everyone to see,  the one in Wail's store, for instance, is located right above the counter, but the Caddo Sheriff's Office says if you're going to have a system, you need to make sure it's working properly. "We're at the mercy of the business to keep the system up and running and to be able to furnish us with that information," says Detective Richardson. Sharing information, wether from a surveillance video or from a brochure, keeps the business safe, in turn keeping you safe.