Mother of Beaten Man Speaks Out

"I want that club closed.  They have to pay.  They have to pay for my son.  My son is up there suffering.  He's on a breathing machine," says Nazarene Sheperd.
Nazarene Sheperd has barely left LSU Medical Center during the past two days.
Her son, John Fuggins, lays in critical condition with severe head trauma and jaw broken in three places.
"Why nobody hasn't come forward.  If anyone has seen - there's too many people in there and nobody having seen anything so security where were you all?" says Sheperd.
Sheperd talks about security at Kokopelli's night club.
Shreveport police say her son got into a fight on the dance floor.
They say the club's security placed him on the sidewalk outsided Kokopelli's.
Sheperd says that was a mistake.
She says they may have hurt her son even worse since he was unconscious.
"Security could have surround him and stayed right there until the paramedics got here instead of removing his body and taking him to the sidewalk," says Sheperd.
Police say 20 year old Fuggins is too young to be in the club.
They say he had marijuana, ectasy and alcohol in his system when he arrived at LSU Hospital early Saturday morning.
Sheperd finds Kokopelli's management at fault for letting someone underage into the club.
They've hired an attorney and plan to sue the club's management.
"It's not about a money issue.  It's nothing about suing for money.  It's about suing for my son's rights.  He had no right to be beaten like that," says Sheperd.
On Saturday afternoon Kokopelli's general manager Chad Fangue had this to say about people fighting in his club:
"We're not going to stand for people to come down here and mess up.  Period," he says.
Fangue doesn't want to go on camera in response to Fuggin's family hiring a lawyer until he gets in contact with his attorney.
He says he'll try to stop violent incidents happening in the future and wants to work with police on this issue.
Shreveport police public information officer Kacee Hargrave says they still do not have a suspect in the case and it remains an on-going investigation.
Story By Ben Wolf