Nightclub Manager Accused of Driving Drunk, Again; Charged with Negligence

A Shreveport nightclub owner is out of jail, accused of nearly killing himself, his wife, and two other people.

Police say he caused a head on collision, more than a month ago.  After weeks of investigating, Caddo parish deputies allege that Sunil Kumar was driving drunk when the crash happened.

Kumar, who runs the Red Velvet night club in Shreveport, says he wasn't driving.

He says he has a hard time remembering what happened.

He thinks that on the morning of August 10, after a night of partying, he wraped up and headed home with his wife.  They crashed before they could get there.

"It was a horrendous crash. And we stopped and tried to give aid and called 911," an eyewitness told KSLA News 12.

Kumar's Lexus hit head on with a Ford Explorer.  A nine year old girl inside the Explorer, and another person were seriously injured.  Police say Kumar and his wife were unconscious at the scene.

Kumar says the accident put him in a coma for two weeks.

His wife is in a permanent rehabilitation hospital.  Friends say she may never walk or talk again.

Since the accident, Kumar claims his memory has been patchy.

"I don't think I was driving," said Kumar.

"But you could've been," asked KSLA News 12 reporter, David Begnaud.

"I don't think so," said Kumar.

"But you could've been," Begnaud asked again.

"There always a possibility for everything," he admitted.

That is true, but remember, Kumar was knocked out in the crash.  So, how could he remember is he was driving or not?

Sheriff's deputies say he definitely was.  Eyewitnesses say the same thing, and police say paramedics picked him up out of the driver's seat.

"I don't see how that's feasible," said Kumar.

Not feasible, because Kumar says he never drives home from the bar, partly because he's been drinking, but mainly because he's tired.

"How many times have you been pulled over for drinking and driving," asked Begnaud.

"I don't know," said Kumar.

"I wouldn't forget that," said Begnaud.  "How many times have you been pulled over for drinking and driving," he asked again.

"I don't know, my memory is kind of patchy," he said.

"Are you using that as an excuse," asked Begnaud.

"No, it's the truth," Kumar said.

Since his memory is patchy, we reminded him that police arrested him in January, saying then, he was driving drunk, and going eighty in a fifty, without a license.

"I said I don't drink and drive from my bar," Kumar reminded Begnaud.

"O, ok," Begnaud replied.

"Let me be more specific. Where do you drink and drive from," Begnaud asked again.

"I remember that incident.  We went out to eat. I had a couple of drinks, but I didn't think I was over the limit that much," Kumar said.

Police say he was.  Kumar knows that he could be in real trouble, and could go to jail for a long time.

As for the alcohol, he claims he's done with it.

"Some things just turn you off, and it s not worth it."

Kumar posted a one-hundred fifty thousand dollar bond to get out of jail.

Reported by David Begnaud