Candidate for Governor Addresses Accusations of Corruption

Candidates for Governor, Walter Boasso and Bobby Jindal took the gloves off during a forum at LSU Thursday night. The sparks flew when Boasso attacked Jindal's record. Jindal responds in kind. Then, what was really bothering Boasso all these weeks came out. "You sent out information that I was corrupt, either get to the AG's office and prove it or Bobby drop it," demands Boasso in front of a packed house at LSUS. Congressman Bobby Jindal has spent much of his campaign talking about corruption in the state. A perception of Louisiana the Chamber of Commerce has wanted to change with legislation. "Financial disclosure for elected officials and candidates," said Lindie Broderick with the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce during her visit to the legislative session in May. During that session ethics bills were considered, and they were closely watched by the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, because if Louisiana ranked higher in ethics more businesses would be attracted to the area, but legislators couldn't get together and agree on the bills, so the bills failed. "They're still trying to come to an agreement wether local elected officials should be included or not and that's what we're waiting for," said Broderick. The Chamber is still waiting and accusations of corruption are still on the table.