Passersby Help Driver Escape Burning Car

A driver involved in a wreck on a Shreveport highway just may have two strangers to thank for saving her life.
 Christine Crofty, 29, of Shreveport was in a car traveling west on Interstate 20 near Greenwood Road around 2 a. m. Friday when she lost control. 
  Police say Crofty overcorrected, causing her car to slam into a guardrail and overturn.  The vehicle then caught fire with her still inside.
   Another driver told KSLA News 12 he first noticed Crofty as she "flew past" him.  He says he then continued driving on I-20 until he came upon the scene.  He and a woman in his vehicle helped Crofty out of her burning car, police said.  They say she was not injured, nor did she receive a citation.
  The rescuers declined to give their names or talk to KSLA News 12 on camera.  They did say they were on their way from Mississippi to Dallas at the time.
  Story by Katrina Webber